The Sage Family

Can someone help me identify the family members of the Sage family(from left to right) in Judith Geller`s Women and Children First on page 191, if you don`t have the book, you can see them on Loni`s Titanic, it`s a website. All I can make out is Stella, Annie holding baby Thomas and John standing , no one else. Please help me to identify the members of this family, thank you, Laura.
hi Laura,
i dont know if anyone actually knows, but based on their sizes, this is my guess from left to right:
frederick, constance, ada, william, stella, douglas, annie holding thomas, dorothy, frederick, and george on the horse.

i think the photo was taken around 1909 so they are all a few years younger than in 1912
I don`t get it-there is some quarreling that Stella made it to a lifeboat, but the rest of her family did not. How come ? I mean how come at least little Thomas, Constance, Ada, and William couldn`t get in, they were surely children-the officers couldn`t hold them back, the same for mother Annie and teenaged Dorothy. Thank you, Laura.
I'm doing some work for school on Dorothy Florence Sage and her family. Its pretty sad really. Apparently Stella did get a place on a lifeboat and left, they say it was because the rest of her family didn't and she wanted 2 stay with them. Annie had a fear of water, boats and may have not wanted 2 be in the life boat they say. Its awful thought how the others didn't get a spot at all. I wonder y 2!!
Alright through watching the film "Ghosts of the Abyss" Directed by James Cameron,
i have found two other portraits of members of the Sage family. One is of the father and two eldest girls, Stella and Dorothy taken around 1911, and the other of a lone photo of Thomas taken around 1910.

Does anyone have any other photos of the family? I am certain of the identity of the father and girls, but not entirely certain of the identification of young Thomas, although it is most likely him.
Here is a photo of Stella Anne Sage from a Newspaper article i have at home. Sorry, i can't remember the name.