The Sages Should Have Been Saved


Holly Peterson

I am always very saddened while reading about the families, such as the Asplunds, who were turned away from the lifeboats because there was not enough room. In response to the common belief that Stella Sage stepped out of Collapsible C because there was not enough room for her family, I did some research, and am very confused. If we exclude the Nicola-Yarred children and the three Toumas, whom I believe were in Lifeboats 4 and 2 respectively, we have twelve extra seats in Collapsible C - enough for all of the Sages. Why couldn't they be saved? If Stella didn't want to leave the men in her family, why didn't the officers try harder to get the women and children in the lifeboat? This has me greatly saddened
because I think that if they had, at least a few more people, including women and children, could have been saved.

Of course, I accept that nobody really knows exactly what happened concerning the Sages that night; perhaps they weren't even at Collapsible C. And I know that there's really nothing I can do. I was just wondering if people ever felt the same as I do about the Sages, that they could have been saved if the officers tried harder to squeeze them all in.
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