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Hey you guys this is going to sound crazy but I full reason to believe I am the reincarnation of Beatrice. I dont know if you all believe in reincarnation, but I do and had a past life dream. Here's my story.

My reincarnation dream yes I was a titanic survivor when I was a child in my past life. I was 21 years old when I had my very first reincarnation dream. I always wished I could have an amazing experience such as reincarnation dreams I asked and asked, until one night when I was least expecting it boom! you want it here it is Haha. I fell into the dream much like an Out of body experience. Frankly, I thought I was having an Out of Body experience because of how real it felt. The dream started as me but it didnt look like me now. I analyzed and saw that I was a baby girl being held too young to know what the voices were saying. I heard and saw people panicking and screaming. I remember being scared and not understanding what was going on. The tops decks were crowded. My mom held me tight we were on the second from the top deck, 3rd class passengers. My mom handed me to someone on the life boat so she could jump in. I soon found myself back into my moms arms. The boat was being lowered very slowly with a pulley right side would go down then the left on the wobbly boat. By the time we were getting close to the water the boat above us was being lowered too fast. Before long the boat was falling towards us. The boat operator quickly started cutting the rope loose to our boat. Just in time our boat was cut free and we dodged a tragic accident. We quickly traveled away from the sinking ship because the currents were pulling the life boats in with the legendary Titanic. As we got further away they stationed the boat. It was very cold cold enough to see your breath. It was loud people screaming for help. We watched as the Titanic sank and the lights flickered as it went down. Many people jumped off the ship. Soon after a while had passed it grew upsettingly quiet and darkness grew. We didn't have a lanturn to brighten our boat with so the crewman lit a rope so we had some kind of light. The life saving boat came and rescued us. Suddenly I woke up before I could even cry my boyfriend wakes up and says what's wrong. So I tell him. I spent several days trying to find out whom I was. It was when I stopped trying I had my answer. I walked into a grocery store and heard two names in my head Margarite and Beatrice. I thought to myself those are old names. Then it clicked with me and I googled it. After carefully investigating my story lined up with their stories. I was Beatrice Sandstrome in my past life she died September 3rd 1995 I was born 2 years and 3 days later exactly. Her hand writing looks exactly like mine. She ran her own business and so am I. I remember being obsessed with the 20s fancy hats like the ones Angelina Jolie wore in Changeling. I loved everything about that era the music, movies, and theater. The most ironic part is I own my own business as well and grew up loving baking and still do!

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I just found this page when I was telling some friends about my great aunt that was a Titanic surviver.
Reading through these comments I just thought I could add some info (even though I suspect none of the previous posters will see as it has been 22 years since the first post here).
My great grandfather was Agnes Sandströms brother. I didn't know my great grandfather but I did meet Agnes several times.
My grandmother (Agnes niece) often told us stories of Aunt Agnes (as we all called her), and I would like to share an anecdote about her that is a testimony to her character (which may very well have been brought on from the Titanic survival).

At the age of 94 Aunt Agnes started to plan her own funeral, yeah she did, because she felt it was getting close and she didn't want to put that burden on anyone else.
The Swedish funerals are very much like weddings, first you have the ceremony and after there is a "funeral reception" with food. It's a social gathering after the funeral to celebrate the life lived.
Aunt Agnes was a person who loved to have family around her and decided that she wanted to attend her own funeral reception (alive), so she invited the whole extended family to her "funeral" at the age of 95.
Aunt Agnes thought it was such great fun that she held a second funeral a year later.
2 years after her second "funeral" she died and a third funeral was held in her memory.

The Titanic exhibition that still is touring the world has a life size cutout of Aunt Agnes together with Beatrice and Marguerite just close to the exit of the exhibition.