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The Scotland Road

Discussion in 'Collision / Sinking Theories' started by Paulo Renato, May 12, 2012.

  1. Paulo Renato

    Paulo Renato Member

    I think because of the various stairs in the bow coming from F Deck the Scotland Road spread a lot of water in the ship, I suppose that the water Dorothy Gibson saw flooding the Staircase of E Deck, came from "Scotland Road, I have a theory
    that after that, the water went down "E Deck" to "F Deck" to flood the Turkish baths and pool, this can be justified by the fact that this compartment of the ship had no stairs to the G Deck, then after Turkish Baths are flooded, the water rose to the reception Room at about 1:30 or 1:40.

    And there were many stairs leading to the D Deck this should have increased the speed with which the water rose. Then the water rose unevenly to the D Deck while still flooding F Deck.

    This is one of my theories, know a lot more and could help me improve them, but I was wondering if there are any more reports that proves what I suppose!

  2. Not really. There was water on the starboard side as it was also reported by Miss Emilie Kreuchen who had her cabin forward on E Deck (of the 1st class area) and went to Miss Elisabeth Allen (who had her cabin on B Deck) telling her that her cabin was flooded.

    The swimming bath was flooded before the Turkish baths. Steward Wheat had closed the watertight door between these two compartments some time after the collision. The Turkish baths were flooded before 1 a.m. when the water reached the 1st class staircase on E Deck finding its way down to F Deck.
  3. Paulo Renato

    Paulo Renato Member

    How the water get into starboard side of E Deck?
  4. Charles

    Charles Member

    Well, the door between the forward 3rd class entrance on E Deck and the starboard first class corridor wasn't a watertight door, but the door was locked, so it could have came from the mailroom, saying that also the door locked to the grand staircase from scotland road was locked as well. So the mailroom is my answer where water came from scotland road.

    The point is that water came from the mailroom because the mailroom staircase was the same as the staircase to the squash court.
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