The secondary search area in 1985

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Paul Lee

I recall reading on E-T (but can't find it now!) that IFREMER/WHOI agreed on a primary search area for the Titanic in 85; this is the square, standing on end. However, during the expedition, I remember Ballard suddenly coming up with the secondary search area to the east of the primary, which surprised IFREMER. Is this right or not?



I am sure there were numerous contemporary accounts of the primary and secondary search areas, including Ballard's books and autobiography, but the only chart of the search areas I could find doing a google search is on a French website. Unfortunately, I can't read French but I can distinguish the chart. Check out

Robert H. Gibbons
Thank you Robert, that was very interesting, although my French is very rusty.
What I did pick up was very useful, though.
Also, I notice that in the diagram, the French have managed to mix up "Le Suroit" and the "Knorr", but have not mixed up the SAR and ARGO. I thought that this was rather strange...
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