The secret cargo on board the RMS Titanic


Jason Smith

What, no diamonds, rubies or sapphires? What about a mysterious, cursed mummy that caused the Titanic to sink! Do you think it's still sitting down there in an airtight compartment? Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!
Mar 23, 2004

I found your intrigue regarding a proposed cargo aboard Titanic very interesting.

If you'd like to see some source material on the procedures for storing gold aboard liners of the period, you should visit:

Gold Storage

If gold were lost (or other valuables), there would be no reason to file a claim because OSNC was protected by limitations of liability:

See: Self Insured Without Recourse

and, finally, in April, 1912, no gold was leaving the US for France (and, therefore, most likely not to England either), which would suggest that gold was moving in the other direction - coming to the US. See our study of US-France gold exports/imports, at:

Martin Bayerle

George Behe

Dec 11, 1999
Hi, Martin!

> in April, 1912, no gold was leaving the US for >France (and, therefore, most likely not
> to England either), which >would suggest that gold was moving in the other >direction - coming to
> the US.

Thank you for posting that fascinating information! Very informative!

Hey, Geoff, what's your reaction to this new information? Speaking for myself, I'd say that our private discussion about Titanic's cargo (and the interest that certain "officials" have shown in that cargo) has just taken on a new lease on life.

All my best,

Jun 3, 2005
Speaking of secret cargo. There was this guy I used to talk to who said there was an Alien Spaceship on board the Titanic and the officers knew about it.

I know this is totally NOT true. I havent heard from the guy who told me about this in over two years and I am kinda glad. I think he was a little strange.


Colin John James

I may be wrong, but..... i thing this person may have been recaptured from where ever he escaped from and is now being looked after.

John Meeks

Not true, Colin...they tried, but...I'm still on the street and posting again....

I am also intrigued that almost every ship that has ever gone down is reputed to have held some mysterious 'secret' cargo. Lusitania, half the Spanish Armada, several U-Boats, the Japanese submarine I52, and now Titanic ?

Is this wishful thinking or what ?

Just a thought,

John M
Feb 14, 2011
a church in Cambridge MA had ordered a pair of stone or marble satues, that were shipped on Titanic. After the sinking, they ordered a replacement pair, which can be found at the church today.

Tarn Stephanos

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