The Servant Situation

Since the link to the snob test was no longer active, I looked for other ones available... Here's what I could find:

- How big a snob are you? @ [my result: Your Snob-O-Meter score is 72%. Very snobby. You've got a superiority complex! You tend to judge others on a criteria you've developed over the years, and there aren't too many people who make the cut! There's just no subtle way to say this - you are a superficial, stuck-up, pompous snob. And you probably already know this, and don't really care. If the most important thing to you is someone's outer shell, then you'll never get below the surface to find their real worth. On the other hand, I'll bet you go far in this world and amass a lot of material wealth which ain't so bad. They say money doesn't buy happiness but it does buy freedom. And which would you rather be? A happy loser trapped in the daily grind or a miserable big-spender who must decide between a round of golf or a day on board a yacht sipping Dom Perignon?]

- Snob Status @ Manor House [my result: 50% SNOB. You haven't quite cut that snob mustard, Ana Florencia Pinton. Being 50% snob doesn't make you properly stuck up but nor does it condemn you to burn in middle-class hell. Unless you want to hang in snob limbo forever, brush up on those P's and Q's, buy yourself some fruit knives and start lying about your education quick.]

I respectfully wonder why some of you chose not to publish the results... I mean, we all know these aren't indicative, we just do these for fun! And I hope no one thinks I have to decide between golf or Dom Perignon (the closest I came to one of those was while attending tables at a posh restaurant I used to work :rolleyes:)
Mmmm. I got almost exactly the same as you, Ana, in both "tests". In fact, there is hardly a wafer of difference to stick between us. I think I've figured out what you need to reply to get a "not-a-snob" rating, but I don't think it'd be much to celebrate really. I mean, who wants to broadcast the fact that they don't know that some cheeses smell, or base their proletarian credentials on the fact that they don't have a friend with a tattoo? Luckily, I know Bob. Who regularly buys stinking cheeses and is covered in tattoos. No. He doesn't / isn't, sadly.
Good fun, though! In 2013. 1912 would have been much different, however, for understandable reasons, if one knows any history.