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Paul: Robin Gardiner really is not bonkers. He is brilliant. The way to sell books is to latch onto a theory that is sensational and stay with it. People want to be believe in conspiracies and coverups. That is what makes many tabloids so successful. The truth, at times, tends not to be very exciting.
That Storyman bloke looks familier. He points to his being thrown off this board for promoting Gardiner's "Theory". If he's the one I think he is, he's the one who took to some personal attacks early on, got booted, then re-registered under a shill account and got booted again once he was identified.

Nothing like finding other venues for grinding an axe I suppose. Fortunately, there are a couple of people in that thread who at least know enough to see through the scam.
His agent. I just checked that thread and he admitted it in a reply to a message that was posted to him yesterday. Oh well, enough. If he wants to pat himself on the back and say how right he is in spite of all evidence to the conterary, let him. It won't change reality.
I'm sure DPL is on this board, i recognise the picture.

Regarding Robin Gardiner, the man himself doesn't believe in the theory. You just had to see him on Sky to know. It was as if he was reciting lines from his book.
What is that forum, it resembles one you'd find on IGN, speculating the details of the next Grand Theft Auto, not that there's anything wrong with that of course, but why do people like him try to inflict their own naive views on others. Their probably the kind of people who follow the illuminati, read into Drosnin's Bible codes, and swear the US Government is trying to control their minds insisting that they regulary receive threatening phone calls from the FBI. At least Gardiner's Dutch partner has seen sense.
What makes me laugh about the "switch" theory is the recent pieces from the Halwhistle sale of the Olympic fixtures.Robin Gardiner states that things like crockery,lifebelts,stationery etc could just be swapped over...what about the thousands of pieces from Olympic that were stamped with "400" such as wall panelling,furniture...those guys at H&W were very tallented if they could have stripped all the carvings,pannelling from 400 and passed it off as 401 in around 2 weeks!!!!

Mike Bull

Just had a look at that forum, and I can't beleive it; there's Gardiner's agent, constantly saying how a new book is coming out next year, and a bunch of conspiracy fanatics lapping up his every word. And then they all have the audacity to have a go at us here!

This 'switch theory' **** must be stopped.
I dunno Mike. I'm acquainted with several people who accept "the Philadelphia Experiment" as fact, but I don't feel threatened by them
. . . as yet, anyway.

It makes perfect sense to me that the two ships were switched with the help of the dolphins who sank the Titanic/Olympic later. Never underestimate the power and drive of our dolphin cousins. Maybe they were German dolphins too!!! now that would make even more sense.

Mike Bull

Oh heck, I've made the mistake of engaging 'Storyman' in dialogue.

Sheesh, what a star he is.

I'm trying to use Gardiner's 'M P Y' wreck bow lettering claim, with the fact that actually, 'T I T A N' photos and footage exist, as an example of Gardiner's fanciful efforts.

I'm not getting very far.

>>I'm not getting very far.<<

You won't either. You might get through to a couple of people who actually do something that could kinda, sorta, maybe be taken for something that resembles thinking but just about anyone else is a lost cause. The good old "I've Made Up My Mind So Don't Confuse Me With The Facts" mentality is alive and well I'm afraid.

I wouldn't waste my time with that chap.
From what I've read on that forteantimes forum, that Storyman is quite a character, seems kind of bitter if you ask me, maybe has a little too much time on his hands. These conspiracy theorists make me laugh. Needless to say, that will be my only visit to that forum.

Oh and by the way, did you know that Titanic is actually located in Area 51. (severe sarcasm)
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