The Siege of The U.S Capitol building

Cam Houseman

Jul 14, 2020
Maryland, USA
Earlier today, a protest at the U.S Capitol building in Washington DC, Maryland turned violent. People supporting our ex president feel that the election wasn't fair, and Mr. Trump deserves to serve another 4 years. They broke into the Capitol Building, smashed windows in, and literally stormed the building. One woman was shot. The rest of the congress man, and senators barricaded themselves in a room, and waited desperately for the Police and the riot police. They arrived. The woman was rushed off to the hospital, where she tragically lost her life. The Riot Police arrived, and took back the situation.

I am disappointed in the certain group of individuals who thought this was a great idea.

here’s a link to the situation. This is one for the history books.

Another thing, the Capital Building hasn’t been Siegel since 1812, when the British tried to take America back. 208 years ago!
I can’t believe some of my fellow americans acted this way...
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William Oakes

Mar 6, 2020
I can't believe that this is being posted on a Titanic History site.
We don't need politics in this group.
This page is an escape from politics.
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Eric Paddon

Jun 4, 2002
Please do take this down. There is a LOT I could say about this and have said in other forums where it's appropriate. This is not one of them.
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