The Sinking of the Daniel J Morrell

Erik Wood

Apr 10, 2001
On November 29, 1966, the Daniel J. Morrell sank approximately 20 miles north of Harbor Beach in Lake Huron. Her nearly identical sistership, the Edward Y. Townsend, was traveling about 20 miles behind the Morrell and made it to the Lime Island Fuel Dock in the St. Mary's River where cracks were found in her deck; the Townsend proceeded to Sault Ste. Marie where she was taken out of service. The Townsend sank in the Atlantic on October 7, 1968, while being towed overseas for scrap.

There was only one survivor from the Morrel, a man named Dennis Hale, this gentleman (last I talked to him) was a curator at the Maritime Museum in Ashtabula, Ohio. Mr. Hale and three others managed to get off the bow section of the Morrell onto a float. Most of them wearing nothing but boxers and T-shirts. It took the U.S. Coast Guard 2 days to find Hale and his frozen shipmates. Hale was the only survivor of the crew of over 30.

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