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The sinking of the Seabreeze 1

Discussion in 'Cruise Ships' started by Tarn Stephanos, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. In 1999 there was a groovy TIS cruise from NY to Halifax on the Premier cruise ship the
    "Seabreeze 1".
    She was an older ship, had a handful of names in her lifetime.

    Premier went belly up in 2000, and the seabreeze 1 sank in a storm off the Carolina's after taking water. (with no loss of life).

    I beleive she had been built for the Italian line around the same time as the Andrea Doria.
    Does anyone have any inormation on the early life of the Seabreeze 1.

    For starters, where and when was she launched,
    and what was her original name?
    Im still amazed my small cabin is now 5000 feet down..


    tarn Stephanos
  2. Thank you Scott!
    Here is another question..Within the last 15 tears, a two funneled liner, I beleive once of the America line sank en route to a middle eastern scrapyard..
    The sinking photos were the most dramtic Ive seen.
    Does that ring any bells?
    Thanks again


    tarn Stephanos
  3. I think your thinking of the America, a 33,000 GRT ship. she was troopship during WW2, her troopship name was West Point. unless your thinking of a ship from another american line, (Example, American Exports Line, Dollar Line, Mattson Line)
  4. Tarn,

    There are two possibilities that come to mind given the description. The first, as Jesse notes, was the former United States Line's America (1940), which last served as the Chandris Line's Australis:


    The second, which last served as Chandris Line's Britanis, began her career as the Matson Line's Monterey back in 1932:



    Scott Andrews
  5. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    Tarn, here's a bit more on Seabreeze I.

    Built by Ansaldo in Genoa, 1958. Original name possibly Starship Royale.

    IMO 5113230.
    184.61m LOA.
    24.06m Beam.
    8.84m Draft.
    Speed 20 knots.
    5,671 dwt
    15,483 GRT.
  6. Hi Dave,

    The SeaBreeze was originally built as the Federico C for the Costa Line:


    Starship Royale was the ship's name while under Premier Cruise Line's ownership from 1983 to 1988:


    In 1988, the ship was sold to Dolphin and renamed SeaBreeze:


    She retained this name when Dolphin was later absorbed by Premier:


    The links with take you directly to postcard images on the Simplon Postcard website.

    Scott Andrews
  7. Thanks Scott.
    It was the Monterey i was thinking about...
    Those photos are breathtaking...

    Thank you very much, Dave for the additional Seabreeze info...

    I have nice photos of the Seabreeze from the 99' TI cruise to Halifax, and would attach them to this thread, If I knew how..

    There was a watertight door outside my cabin, which I suspect is closed today....

    Since she is now on the sea floor, I dont feel guilty anymore for clogging the toilet...


    Tarn Stephanos
  8. im just wondering, what were the dimensions of the ship? thanks,

  9. Shame Tarn! You clogged the toilet, it overflowed, and sank!

    To quote the Cameron movie "Woops. Somebody left to water running!"
  10. wow! thanks for sharing that!

    welcome to this board!
  11. Wow-thoose photos of the Britanis are amazing. From the looks of it, no one was aboard as none of the lifeboats were lowered or in the process of being lowered.
  12. Welcome to ET Indo!
    The Federico-C/Seabreeze was a lovely ship, even in 2000.
    You must have wonderful memories, having been a member of her crew.
    And you had a very groovy cabin I must say..

    After Premeier Crusise lines went bankrupt, the Seabreeze (formally the Federico C) was tied up here in Boston and sat here for a couple weeks.
    I was working as a deck hand on a Boston harbor ferry boat, and saw her every day. It was the time of the Tall Ships 2000 extravaganza, and she was moored in front of the enormous American aircraft carrier the USS John F Kennedy.
    I remember how the carrier dwarfed the small liner in size...

    Then one day I noticed the Seabreeze was gone, and a few days later read the news she sank.....

    I am still kicking myself for not photographing her when she was in Boston....

    My cruise on the Seabreeze in 1999 (On the TI cruise to halifax) was a wonderful experince...
    Next time I get access to a scanner, I will post some pictures i snapped on board...

    Indo, do you have any other Federico-C/Seabreeze photos you'd be willing to share?


    Tarn Stephanos
  13. Okay...Im about to poste some photos I snapped of the Seabreeze, in 1999, during the TI cruise to Halifax.
    Moderators, if these pics are too big, let me know....I hope I do this right...
    If they are too big, and you need to fiddle wth them,feel free.
    When you see each picture, keep it in your mind this ship is now resting 5000 feet down at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.....

    Here is the Seabreeze in NY at her pier....
    Notice the funnel beyound..It looks like a fellow older liner..
    Ant thories what ship that funnel belonged to?

    This picture was taken at the end of the cruise..after we got back from Halifax.

    Tarn Stephanos

    ps- if anyone wants to use these pics, be my guest
  14. Here is a shot of Seabreeze's promenade

  15. On Seabreeze's deck...
    We moored next a liner whose funnel would give Sigmund Freuud nightmares...


    Tarn Stephanos 94635.jpg
  16. Seabreeze's single funnel....

  17. Here a glimpse looking down that main staircse shaft during the boat drill..