The sinking Titanic from Raise the Titanic

Nov 26, 2005
I have no idea where this person got this, as it was my understanding that the newest DVD release of RTT only had publicity stills of the sinking scenes from the film, but here some of them are full motion. This person also seems to have used several different clips from Titanic '53 also, some of which I haven't seen before. If you look closely as the ship rears up for the final plunge there are three or four different takes of the same point.

Now I really wish they would have left the sinking sequence in with the rest of Raise The Titanic.

Trevor Rommelley

Nice compilation, shame about the text!

Note that the picture has been flipped so that the iceberg rips into the starboard side of the hull.
Sinking scenes of the Titanic from "Raise the Titanic" were used in the early 1980's US series "Voyagers!". There is also some behind the scenes footage of the Titanic sinking from the 1953 film; two very brief bits, including a close up of a man wielding a clapperboard, were seen on the BBC documentary "The Computer That Ate Hollywood" about 11 years ago.
Nov 26, 2005
Nice catch on the Voyagers episode Trevor. After some looking around I found this, a tribute to that very episode featuring the very clips I posted above: www

Nice tribute to the show featuring the highlights and a neat song, in my opinion, titled "Titanic Expedition".
Nov 15, 2006

Some 12 minutes of footage was shot to be used for the opening to RTT. This 12 minutes included those scenes that were later used for 'Voyagers'.

We were to see the ship hitting the berg, sinking and finally the ship striking the seafloor as the titles for the film appear. Infact, you do get to see part of the end scene in the film RTT. If you take a closer look at the opening credits to the film when the title RAISE THE TITANIC appears, you will see that the model of the Titanic is still in her 1912 colours and appearance (without the additional vents on her fo'castle), also free of any corrosion. This is part of that opening footage.

The footage was removed at the last moment. Some say it was due to the scenes of the sinking not looking right. Some say it was because it didn't flow well with the rest of the film.

You will be suprised just how much was removed from the final edit of the film.

Those images I supplied that you see in the special features section of the 2007 'Network' dvd release give a good idea to what the RTT model looked like in her 1912 colours.