The Southampton Committee: The Second Lady Visitor - Miss Alice Sophia Bowles

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A moment to take stock and reminiscent. The appetence of putting closure to Alice's case
was done largely by my own resources. On record, I have a quarter of Alice's story on file,
whereupon the outstanding three quarters, remains mostly at large.

Of necessity I should also like to extend the weight of gratitude to Valerie Ferguson of FOSOC.
Val's brave attempt by putting me in the picture of Alice's own epic story deserves all the praise.
On the sidelines, both of us have quietly worked on this case and instead of trail marching onwards
and upwards, a dramatic u-turn puts a halt on our advancement to proceed with the aim of gaining
the final outcome.

Incredible to think, this endearing old lady who was so fiercely independent and private, and without
any fuss whatsoever, did one of the most charitable acts of humanity by digging much deeper into her
own life savings and gave financial support to those Titanic Widow Dependents of the Catholic faith.
Sadly for Alice, she's one of histories own causalities, forgotten and casted aside in the untimely world
of the abyss. Until now, and the only one comfort we can embrace occurred in the April of this year all accredited to FOSOC's own hard work and dedication. Quietly, and with great dignity, and out of respect as an act of reconciliation, Alice headstone had her first brush of Titanic fame.

We've got most of the records on file mainly from Ancestry. However our aim is to make contact with today's descendants who hold the key to most of our questions. In-retrospect, the search of not one, but two families are essential, the Bowles and the Rogers. Alice died in 1921 and the beneficiary who inherited the bulk of Alice's estate was Rosa Annie Rogers. Rosa died in Southampton in the year of 1947.

We're trying our level best to establish when precisely Alice parted with her first generous amount to her first Dependent. Like we don't know the exact amount she dished out either daily or weekly? I am also mindful of Alice's strong belief and worship at St. Joseph's Church Southampton. A seperate web-page outlines those names of the Catholic Dependents under Alice's wing. Meanwhile and this comes as a blessing to Val. Unearthing more evidence was a chance in a million. i would also like to add, I did manage to find another lead on Alice, as her name "Miss Bowles" I discovered in one of the many pages of the Minute Books of the Southampton Committee. So, yes, Alice's name was known to those serving on the Southampton Committee. I suspect more than likely Alice's name is found mentioned on a several occasions with Minute Book No 1. A Minute Book I am dying to locate before I depart this world for good. Alice was never appointed to serve as Lady Visitor on the Southampton Committee. The more likely choice settles upon the fact, she chose the title as Lady Visitor of her own accord.

The real legend of all Lady Visitor's was Maude Newman. Undoubtedly more questions leads to more speculations whether Maude and Alice ever had anything in common with each other, like forming a friendship. Despite all of my best efforts I'm afraid nothing appears out of the woodwork, as my own investigation hasn't come up trumps with a satisfactory answer.

If there's the remotes chance of any form of historical material that does survive, like private paper, or even a photography, or better still if Alice ever had "Log Book" to keep account of the monies she parted with, then we would welcome and feedback to ensure Alice's name is permanently remembered yearly during the Titanic grave walks at Southampton's Old Cemetery on The Common.

To make contact I am approachable on E.T. To make contact with Valerie Ferguson, here's the web-site as as follows: -

Andrew Williams
United Kingdom

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