The Squash Court

Oh, and that mysterious "skylight/ventilation" thing you guys are talking about, here is the answer. In the middle of the room was glass. If you were to break the glass and fly up, you would go through a ventilation duct (I am guessing that's what you call it), and be greeted by a ventilation hatch. If you were to break that ventilation hatch, you would be on the well deck. Here, have a picture.

P.S. Click it to make it bigger if needed.

P.P.S. The ventilation hatch is where those 2 white blocks are in the middle of the well deck. In between those 2 blocks, if you look closely, is the hatch.

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I have a question myself. Is the court and viewing area on G Deck?
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Derek, the viewing balcony is located near the mail room. The mail room is located on G Deck. With that info, I think the viewing balcony was located on G Deck.
Sorry for dropping so many questions in this thread at once, but new one's keeps popping up.
In the drawing of the Squash Court above, there is some kind of skylight in the cealing. Did this in fact lead all the way up to C-deck?
The latest general arrangement deck plans available from Titanic: Honour And Glory indicate that the skylight passes through E Deck immediately forward of staterooms E200 and E201, aft of cargo hatch #3 and does not go up to C Deck. If it had gone to C Deck, the skylight would have been positioned right up against the rear bulkhead of the forward well deck, between the two cranes. There is no skylight there, so it ends inside the third class open space on D Deck.