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Christophe Damore

Hello All!

I have no clue whether this thread has died a quiet death (God...excuse me using that cliche on this particular thread) but I wanted to add a few thoughts to ponder and see if anyone out there feels the same way or has any additional information...

In regards to Bob Cruise's 7/16/02 post:

"In all the suicides I have ever heard about, I have yet to hear of one where a person slashes their own throat along with their wrists (accomplishing one after the other takes quite a bit of effort). My guess is that Thayer's throat was slashed BEFORE the wrists - and that the wrists were slashed to make foul play look more like a suicide."

Interesting theory, BUT here is something you should consider...slitting one's wrists is an extremely painful (And unless one does it correctly) an extremely slow way to die. My guess is that Jack Thayer initially slit his wrists, and after a while of waiting moved towards his throat to speed things along a bit (Believe it or not, this does happen more often than one would think and usually more with men than women). If he did indeed start by slitting his wrists, the slit to his throat probably wasn't quite deep, but enough to send him into shock and unconsciousness. Unless he had severed the tendons by the initial cuts, he would have had enough strength and motivation to go towards his throat. Incidentally, does anyone know if he was right or left handed?

If anyone could get ahold of his full autopsy report or point me in the direction to obtain one (I've never done anything like that before...I'm a bit unsure if it can even be done) the marks and deepness of the cuts would be the telltale signs. Usually anyone who slits his wrists will have one or two initial testing lines before the deep cut.

As to the question regarding "amnesia" a few days before his death...Disassociative fugue states/periods of amnesia, psychic numbing and depersonalization are all common features of PTSD (Refer to the DSM-IV-R) and believe me, will occur at the drop of hat and usually under periods of extreme duress.

I'm about 99% sure he did commit suicide due to PTSD after some type of extreme stressor, but I'd like to see a full autopsy report just to nail down that extra 1%.

Jul 11, 2001
Hello All,

Having just stumbled across this thread, I just wanted to add that maybe we should forward this to the Philadelphia authorities as a possible "Cold Case" that may be worth looking into. With todays latest technology and investigation techniques image what could have been done? wouldn't it be something if some sharp detective today discovered that he was murdered and the story of depression was just a red herring!
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>what could have been done? wouldn't it be something if some sharp detective today discovered that he was murdered and the story of depression was just a red herring!<<

It might serve to clearify and revise the historical record to something that was more accurate, but that's about it. (And at that, only if Jack Theyer was in fact murdered.) After all these years, I think it's a safe bet that all possible witnesses, including our hypothetical murderer are pushing up tombstones by now.
Jul 11, 2006
Does anyone have any knowledge of a Thayer family returning to England to live? It has long been a family story that we had ancestors on the Titanic and I'm currently trying to do a family tree but haven't got very far.

If anyone has any information regarding one of the Thayers returning to England it would be gratefully received.

Jeff Evers

Oct 14, 2007
Hello All,

I am not sure if this link was previously posted - forgive me if it was. The link is to the Church of the Redeemer in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania - where many of the Thayer's are buried. The website includes a picture of the plaque dedicated to John B. Thayer.

Caroline Mendes Ferreira

Thayer most curious

On the night of the wreck Jack Thayer, when the Titanic sank Thayer was caught by folding and then was picked up by the boat 12, but the more curious that Thayer was in shock that not noticed that his mother was with him.

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Nov 22, 2002
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