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The Titanic Channel

Discussion in 'Titanic on Computer and the Web' started by Itsstillthinking, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Thought id make a post about it since i talk about it and reference it so much and no one has made a post about it

    The Titanic Channel is a subscription service where everyday they upload a video a interview on a Titanic Historian in a subject that is somehow related to the Titanic subject or her sister's. There hundreds of episodes with interview's from people like Parks, Bill, Charles, Jack Eaton, Mark Chirside, and a plethra of other people like Simon Mills. And of course the person who has done the most episodes is the man, the legend, the myth Ken Marschall!

    They also for the visual side of things have partnered with H&G and use a Lot of content from them with around 90% of the visuals used have yet to be shared in the public and also including scenes from the updated Real-time sinking video that have not been shown of to the public.

    It's only 5 dollars (American) a month and also has a forum of their own where your able to interact with them, like me iv been able to have lots of conversations with Ken! you can see a bunch of sample below of what your able to expect from it and i highly recommend it

    The Titanic Channel
    The Titanic Channel
  2. Just for yucks here is my favorite scene probably of Ken on the channel, he can hit that Irish accent great. Lots more of ken like this on the channel, in my mind you cant help but get exited on the subject when you here him get talking on it

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  3. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    Sadly my free trial ended :(
  4. How did you like it?
  5. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    I LOVED it. I’ve actually made arrangements to set up my yearly subscription tomorrow! I look forward to maybe getting in contact with some historians! I had no clue that this was possible on my short time there.
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  6. Rancor

    Rancor Member

    Have had a subscription for a few months now, and enjoy the content they are producing. My only gripe is the site isn't mobile compatible.
  7. Great to hear! hope to see you on the Titanic Channel forums
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  8. I heard in the summer of 2017 that in 2018 they are going to try and get that done
  9. My only criticism of the Titanic Channel is that there is no new content made as of now. They are only reposting material that has already made in the last year, at least just post something new now and then. Other than that, I love the Titanic Channel
  10. They responded to me a couple weeks ago that they where filming new episodes so i hope sometime in feb there is some new stuff
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  11. Rejoice friends! New episodes on march 5th!

  12. Todays episode was one the Parlor suites Wreckage
    Once again as always, Ken is the best!

    These bits about the wreck with Ken are so amazing as one learns things even though iv watched the documentary lots never realized!

    Another Fantastic episode!
  13. Episode:
    Diving to Titanic in a Russian Deep-Sea Submersible

    Just a amazing episode! I was grinning like a idiot a whole time like when im at at Disneyland and could not stop. Seeing Ken’s reaction and home video of inside the Mirs reminded me of my self when iv been able to hold or touch artifacts of the Titanic. While im sure i will have questions for part 2 this was just amazing! We should get Ken to talk into a microphone as i could listen to him for hours! He has certainly have giving me tons of fascinating story’s for the past 20 years!
  14. What do you watch The Titanic Channel on? I get it thru my Roku box and that episode hasn't shown up yet on my Titanic Channel. Maybe Roku doesn't update as fast or something. The latest episodes are the Ismay ones. Anyway I really like the channel. I'll be looking for it. Thanks.
  15. B-rad

    B-rad Member

    Google Chrome is what I watch it on, and it does the same thing. I have to search for it (using key words like 'dive') in the search bar after clicking Archive. Great episodes. Ken has such an amazing personality.
  16. Its also (if its recent) in the episodes tab. Also just learnt that they are doing a episode on the Great Eastern!
  17. Titanic Channel on ROKU is gone. At least for me. Says no longer available. Did it fold up? I hope not as I liked that channel. They had some good stuff on there.
  18. Lars Lunden

    Lars Lunden Member

    Interesting channel. I love it.
  19. Im not sure, their facebook is still active and they have been in the last few weeks been compiling "Collections" I asked this question in the forums the other day and have yet to hear anything. Maybe some should PM them on facebook?