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The Titanic Video Gamer "Spammals" (AKA Daniel Smith, Titanic Historian / Fan)

Discussion in 'Games CD Programs etc' started by Harland Duzen, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    • This thread does not focus on anything Historical relating to Titanic.
    • To the creator of the Youtube channel, I mean no offence and have created this thread to discuss the merits and interests of having an Internet gamer who teaches and focuses on Titanic related games.

    I recently discovered there is a Youtube video gamer calling himself "Spammals" who among with playing the general horror and goofy games on the internet also plays and educates several Titanic games and simulators.

    Others here might know him as Daniel Smith who been's involved with the SS Nomadic and as one of several historians working on the Titanic: Honor & Glory game (at least the Southampton docks segment according to older videos).

    Warning to younger Titanic historians: Videos contain mild language and some adult themes. Proceed with caution.


    What are your thoughts on this unique and informative take of Titanic media and gaming?
  2. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    I think this is a really great thing because it engages the younger generations (including myself) into history. Kids don't want to learn about a ship that sank over a hundred years ago from a text book, they want to experience it in virtual reality and learn while also actually enjoying the time spent. I really enjoy watching Spammal's videos on YouTube. He's really well-read and funny!
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  3. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    It is also very kind of him to show the world his collection of artefacts (from the 3rd video above) and how he stores them to prevent damage. If I'm ever lucky enough to obtain some Titanic postcards, you know where my first video on how to protect them would be!
  4. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    This is some convenient timing....

  5. He may be a large ham but you gotta give credit to him for being a seasoned historian. A friend of mine had a conversation with him about assets from the Titanic Mafia mod being appropriated on a Roblox server (it's a long story), and Spammals promply acknowledged said issue.
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  6. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    Agreed: On a series of videos on famous vessels in Virtual Reality, He made a great attempt to analyse and explain how and why they were built and why things were added to the models since for the creator of the games, most people would just spend 5 minutes just zooming around it not noticing the immense details added.

    On another note, Let's hope he doesn't become TH&G new's quartermaster... :D
    (See 9:30, 11:00 and 13:00 time in Video,)
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