The Titanic Voyage Apr 1015

Ben Lemmon

Feb 6, 2008
Everyone, at 4:00 AM MST, it will have been 96 years to the hour since the Titanic left Southampton. Isn't that amazing? In remembrance of those who sailed on the Titanic, I would like to start a thread, where everyone shares their favorite story of those who were on the Titanic or the ship's construction itself. It can be anything, as long as it is Titanic-related.

Personally, I have two stories that are my favorite. The first is the story about Marshall Drew. It has been said (and I believe it) that many of the first survivor lists do not list Marshall's name. The reason for this: Marshall found it more important that he grab a donut and hot chocolate rather than give his name to some man with pen and paper.

Another story that I wish to share is the story of young Washington Dodge, Jr. In this case, young Dodge knew his father had survived, as he had seen him. However, he chose to hid this fact with his mother. He also hid from his father, so no one knew that the other had survived until some pesky steward (who happened to be a friend of the Dodges) intervened and reunited the two parties.

These are simple stories that most people have heard of. However, I just related them as my favorites. If you could do the same, it would be greatly appreciated.

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