The Top 5 Glaring Historical Errors in Titanic Movies

In my opinion, here are the top ten historical errors in the Titanic movies.
1 - The Rape Scene from Titanic (1996)
2 - The Titanic sank on the 12th April from S.O.S Titanic (1979)
3 - The collapse of the 2ND funnel from A Night to Remember (1958)
4 - The sets from S.O.S Titanic (1979)
5 - Murdochs suicide (im adding this as i dont think anyone did commit suicide) in Titanic 97 and 96 miniseries
What about your lists of glaring errors from the movies ?

6 -
I think SOS Titanic is the worst movie ive ever seen in my life.A school production by kids could of done a better job.

*For example: During the sinking when the boats
are been filled ect , the sea water is running
"down" the deck.

*The smoking room has a 2nd level and stairccase.

*The 1st class dinning room is 2 tiered , with railes and tables on a higher level.

*The grand staircase is made from marble and pillars and has statue's around the foyer (which just tips over during the sinking)and not to mention a massive chandelier that looks like it was borrowed from a palace.

Ive always wondered , did the film crew do any actual research before they made this movie?

Jeffrey Word

Try to remember though that S.O.S. Titanic was made with a pretty low budget and wasn't meant to be an all-out thing like 'Titanic 97'. It was more focusing on the human aspect and historical stories than looks. The big killer for it though is the low budget. And I don't know WHAT whoever was smoking when they added the wrong date of sinking to the film. That is something I really can not answer for, or even venture a guess on. I'd think that'd be the most obvious things to the film makers.

>>*The grand staircase is made from marble and pillars and has statue's around the foyer (which just tips over during the sinking)and not to mention a massive chandelier that looks like it was borrowed from a palace.

I've always wondered why when the staircase tilts in one direction, the statue falls in the opposite direction? I think the chandelier does that too. Obviously meant for dramatic effect, just doesn't sell to anyone who's even slightly OBSERVANT.

>>The smoking room has a 2nd level and stairccase<<

>>The 1st class dinning room is 2 tiered , with railes and tables on a higher level.
Who knows? From what I understand they filmed a lot of the interior scenes in a hotel somewhere in England as a cost-cutting measure. *shrug* (I would have at least gone to the White Swan Hotel to see if I could get a shot of the lounge for some accuracy.)

>>During the sinking when the boats
are been filled ect , the sea water is running
"down" the deck.

LOL. Yes I've always noticed that too, since I was about 8. That's got to just be an idea to make it look more "chaotic". Since they couldn't actually make the set sink and make the water roll over people from the RIGHT direction, they had to do it the opposite way and just HOPE that people are more concentrated on the passengers than what's going on around them. I noticed throughout the whole film that there was never even an attempt at a wide-shot of passengers on the decks, which sells me even more that they were STRICTLY trying to stick to human drama ONLY, not as much the ship.

Ever notice the water coming off the roof of the officer's quarters when it's not even close to submerged? hehe ;-)

IMO S.O.S. Titanic (the dream project), probably started a lot different, with a much "grander" vision for the film. But with such a relatively low budget to play with, they must have come to the conclusion that the movie best be shown as a docu-drama. They had to know the very distinct differences between the QM and Titanic, thus knowing that they weren't going to get things "visually" correct. So they took the next step to avoid HAVING to stick to visual accuracy. BLAME THE BUDGET!
All in all, I think the movie was written very well, with the exception of the dates, but nevertheless written well. Sorry for making this post so long. I'm kind of answering my own questions here as I'm answering yours. Plus I've recently found out a little more about the making of the film from other kind members of this community. If I'm wrong on any of this or if anyone has something to add, please say so!! I've always been interested in the making of this movie. Really, little is known now about the making of this movie. Just little tidbits here and there. I wish they'd come out with a making-of documentary like they did for ANTR. I think they even have one for Titanic '53. Who knows though? Anyway, I'm off. You all have a great evening!

Just wondering why some of the list qualify as 'errors', given that these are feature films rather than documentaries.

Apart from claims made for ANTR and Cameron's Titanic, did any of the other screen culture offerings stake any particular claim on historical and factual veracity?

Jeff W also makes a good point re budget constraints. For example, I enjoy SOS Titanic for its depiction of the human stories, including representation of second class passengers, rather than decrying the use of QM as a set.
To me, the all-time most glaring, obvious, and incredibly inept error was in the CBS mini-series, when the ship is docked in Southampton. They show the ship docked on the starboard side, so that the Southampton Pier is to the left of the ship.
Hello??? How many pictures of the Titanic docked in Southampton are there?? Surely, somebody at CBS could have seen one of those prints.

The next error is in the 1953 film: the ship is seen trying to pass the iceberg on the starboard side, but the iceberg creates the hole on the port side. Unless, somehow, Mother Nature managed to create an iceberg where the turning motion that is created as the iceberg melts and sinks created octopus tentacle shapes under water. Yes, that sounds like a science fiction novel side-plot.

At least, though, nobody in the films has ever commented "We were only 95 miles from land"!!
Well i must admit i liked the Grand Staircase set from S.O.S, because it looks really gorgeous, it may be historically inaccurate but it is a sight to behold but the chandelier puts me off RIGHT OFF
According to James Cameron, all but one of the inaccuracies were intentional. Many done for filming reasons. The one mistake he really didn't catch until it was too late was the Palm Court set. The art department used a very early photos where the Ivy had not yet installed on the walls. (Or was that vice versa?) They had already filmed that scene when someone noticed.

As for Murdoch shooting himself, that has been debated here to death. Just do a search on the subject heading I'm sure you'll get many hits. Long story short, JC had two of the worlds best technical advisors with him. (Ken and Don) And even they could not 100% deny that it happened. There are too many unrelated witnesses who say they saw an officer shoot himself.
In all the films except the 1953 one, Titanic fires rockets instead of socket signals.

In ANTR, there are handrails on the bottom of the lifeboats. They weren't used in 1912.

I'm always amused by the old chap who plays Cyril Evans in ANTR.

In ANTR, Sylvia Lightoller has no resemblance to reality, especially her English accent.
I laugh my head off when the ship sinks in a total of 3 minutes in the 1953 version, it goes straight stern up then slides down in a total of ten seconds.
And the rape scene...........well lets not go there

Jeffrey Word

Jamie, have you ever seen 'Titanic 1943'? THAT ship sinks fast. W/o the excuse of boilers exploding. It actually goes down much faster than portrayed in Titanic '53. It's an interesting film though if you haven't seen it.
No i havent seen it
Would be interesting to see how they downplay us English
Apparantely we are a bunch of snobbish power hungry individuals in that film !
Not all of the English were depicted in a bad light. The Nazi propaganda aim would have been to show the leaders of our society, as represented by the high ranking officers and many of the upper class passengers, to be negligent and/or corrupt. Others are depicted as victims of poor leadership and some, like the wireless operator, are clearly dedicated to their responsibilities.
I would be interested in knowing some of Cameron's intentional inaccuracies for reasons of filming. How about that god-awful blaring siren in Titanic 1953? The beginning of ANTR "I christen thee TITANIC" Between Boxhall and Lord, one would think that they would get that right. Wasn't that Renault town car in Titanic 1997 in peices in a crate?? I also think that Cap'n Smith was portrayed as extremely wishy washy after the collision (although I am sure he was in shock) Also, I think that Lightoller was portrayed as kind of a weasel ("I'll shoot you all like dogs") I think that was out of character