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How old was George Thomas when the Titanic sank. I was reading about a 'Night To Remember Book' he had written in and and he writes he was at age 4 ? But he was born in 1908 ?

*Illustrated, hardcover edition of A Night to Remember copyright 1976 with dust jacket. Autograph of Titanic survivor G. Thomas reads: “George Thomas Jr. Survivor of the RMS Titanic, Captain Smith himself put me in the No. 2 life Boat at the age 4 April 15, 1912.” Walter Lord, the author, wrote “Best Wishes to George Thomas, Walter Lord.” Very good condition with only slight wear around the edges. 10 x 7 3/4*

Unless I am wrong. But I read here that he died in 1991 and was 8 years old, so why does he write in this auction book he was age 4 ? The small baboon brain is not understanding this ?

Thanks but why does he write in this water lord book and say he was age 4 ? It's the book from the G. Auction in June.
An imperfect memory perhaps? Confusion? There could be all kinds of reasons for that. I'd just chalk it up to one of those curiousities that come with the study of history. Even the players in the drama we take an interest in don't always get it right.
Yes ! I'm not familiar with him as a survivor so maybe he was getting on a bit and mistaken.
For all I know there could have been a whole group of people asking him to sign things hence this could have been written rather quickly in order to get onto the next person.

I read his obituary on Titanica, but can’t find any off his accounts of the sinking ?
>>I read his obituary on Titanica, but can’t find any off his accounts of the sinking ?<<

Two posibilities stand out here.
•The accounts exist but have never been contributed to the information on ET.
•The accounts do not exist because he was not interested in discussing it.

The latter was a very common trend among Titanic survivors and I can certainly understand why. What is to us a fascinating piece of history was to them, the absolutely worst night of their lives. A night of screaming, terror, freezing, possible shots in the dark, and knowing that they had loved ones out there in distress whom they were helpless to do anything for. In sum, a running nightmare that they don't get to wake up from because it's all happening for real.

Small wonder some didn't want any reminders of it.
Well I hope they exist but if they don't then they don't. I understand/agree the 2 out of 3 Titanic survivors today also not wanting anything to do with the Titanic for the reasons you said.Having said that he seemed willing to sign books on the subject and at a public functions ( I assume ) as Water Lord was there. This gives me the impression that it was a public Titanic function maybe. So maybe his accounts do exist . I would write to T.H.S and ask but there would be no point - they are very busy. I find it interesting that he says captain smith put him in a life boat.
Did any of the Thouma family give interviews about their escape? I know George Thomas was very popular at THS conventions before he passed away but I don't have any of his interview notes to hand.



That’s George Thomas in March 4th 1980


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