The Truth About Jack Thayer


Nov 29, 2020
John (Jack) Borland Thayer III, age 17, First Class.


Of course people who have done enough research on titanic have heard of this kid. But after reading and falsifying countless accounts of what happened during the final plunge to him, I can now tell you what is probably the true account of what he did exactly. Now, during the plunge he and Milton Long were stationed a little aft of the second funnel, and thayer himself says in his book he was pretty far aft, that he had no idea collapsible A was trying to be set up. You may read books that tell you Thayer and Milton jumped before the wave came over the deck, but that is, AS A FACT, untrue. Based off the account of Mr. Edward Brown, the wave that came over the deck washed off collapsible a. In Jack Thayers book he says. “We could see water coming up the deck”. First of all that implies that the water was close enough to them that they could see it with the lights on the ship dim, but second there is one key thing in that quote that says he jumped after the wave came over the deck. Thayer did not recall seeing collapsible a when he saw the water on the boat deck. Therefore after the wave. And he did not get washed off by the wave because the severe list to port made is so that the wave did not come up the deck on the starboard side, the side Jack and Milton were on, nearly as much as it did the port side. So a bit after the wave came, Thayer jumped after Milton and they were sucked under by water entering the decks below and open portholes etc. Milton was sucked under and drowned but Thayer managed to fight it and succeeded. When he was under water the forward funnel had fallen and the propellers were coming out of the water. Once Jack came up from the water he said he was, “In awe by the sight in front him.” but I think he was unable to move because the cold water gave him a shock. He was like that for about 2 minutes until the ship broke in two and the second funnel barely missed him by 20 feet and he was sucked far beneath. When he came up he was right next to collapsible b, which at this time only had about 5 people on top of it including Second Officer Charles Lightoller, who was one of the first to get on top. Thayer hung on from the bottom of the boat and watched it go down. He was one of the only people who said the ship broke in two. After that he survived the night kneeling on collapsible B with another man kneeling on top his feet. The rest you can find anywhere else. I have a bunch more survivor accounts that that I have “Decoded” persay so let me know if you want more.
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