The Unknown Adult

Philip Hind

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Sep 1, 1996

Senan Molony's latest article, The Unknown Adult has just been added to ET Research.

The public house gamble that won Jack Dawson his ticket on Titanic has it's real life counterpart. The 'lucky' winner: one William O’Doherty...

Inger Sheil

Dec 3, 2000
A great piece on the Moran/O'Doherty story! I've been looking forward to a full treatment of this interesting angle, and I'm always intrigued to read stories connected with Cork, one of my favourite cities. I'd like to know more about O'Doherty's sister with the rebel leanings...must drop Senan a line to see if he has more information about her. Also what occupies the site of the pub today.

Interesting that another possible parallel with the Cameron movie has turned up - as long as no one claims that the scene 'inspired' the movie version (as people have claimed that Cameron was 'inspired' by the real life Joseph Dawson in naming his characters, or in Candee's alleged exploits on the bow, or in the 'Love of the Sea' necklace yarn, etc). It sounds to me like a typical pub transaction for offloading an unwanted ticket.

Sam Brannigan

Feb 24, 2007
An excellent, poignant article - one of Senan's finest.

I noticed the post script that referred to the O'Doherty family's campaign to have Willie's name added to the memorial at Cobh.

Is there any way we can help them by adding our voices?

By the way, it was interesting to see the sign for Woodford Bourne, the wine merchant, in that superb old photograph of Daunt's Square at the beginning of the article.

They're still very much in business as one of Ireland's best fine wine wholesalers and I buy wine from them frequently!

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