The Unknown Child

Hildur, oh my gosh, you have a picture of little Eino and his brothers ? Can you please send the picture to me ? My e-mail is: [email protected] (See Gosta's name in my e-mail ?!)Over here on ET, the picture is not up yet, and I would LOVE to see this beautiful little baby!

Thanks, Laura
I will try to get the pictures from my granma. i am not sure how long it will be, though, she is visiting in Canada, and i am in Finland.
Did you know that Eino had three other siblings that did'nt live long? Juho Eemeli b.d. 1892, the year of his parents wedding. Emma Iida b. 1902d.1906(i have to check the date of death.)and Lyydia, b. d. 1903. Juho and Lyydia were born in Finland, but Emma was born and dieded in Ohio.Also Maria's real name is Maija Johantytar Ojala (Panula).
Hildur, are ever doing to post the pic of Eino and his brothers up on the board? I can't wait to see those cute little boys. (Gosta Palsson is still my boo.)


I was wrong on the death date of Eino's sister, Emma Iida, she died in 1910. And i had to find the pics, i have found one of the parents and Emma, but i am still looking for the others, i hope to post it very soon, no worrie.
Ok, thanks...still waiting. I have the Panula pic with only Emma sitting on her daddy's knee. Where are the rest of the children-for example Ernesti and Jaakko?
the pic above is Ernesti and Jaakko a few months after the birth of Jaakko.
Oh my gosh, I LOVE the pictures, I've never seen this one! The only one of the Panula children I had is the one of the parents and the one with baby Emma sitting on her daddy's lap.
Oh my gosh when I'll have sons-that is the EXACT haircut I want on my little ones! (And the one on Harold Theodor Johnson, Third Class, age 4 in 1912.)
Thank you so much!
Thanks to share this memory with all we, ARE BEAUTIFUL. I never habia seen a photo of them nor of the family Panula
it sucks that Emma could not be on there, she is so pretty in this pic, it was taken close to two months before she drowned.
Hello Hildur,

You can use the "Upload Oversize Image" feature towards the bottom of the page. That will allow you to post the photo.
Hi Hildur,

A couple of questions which I've been pondering upon lately: Is that the picture you are talking about when Emma, aged maybe a little over 1 years was sitting on her dad's lap, or a latter picture of her? How old was Emma when she drowned, how, like what happened? Poor little girl, she must have been gorgeous with blue eyes and blonde hair like Ernesti on the picture! Oh, and I'm not quite sure if it was this thread or another, but Emma had at least one other brother other than the five who died in the Titanic disaster, right? How did that little boy die? It is so sad, the whole family with so many children...
Emma was a little over a year in the pic. From what we know, Emma drowned at age 9 and it was in the late spring. It is said she was wondering, picking flowers by the lake, and she slipped, and not knowing how to swim well, she died. The re were searches for the entire day for her, and the farmer that was her neighbor found her with the help of his dog. She was buried two days later.I have more pics to post.