The Unknown Child

The above pic is Lyydia, aged 4 months, she died two months later from a slight fever, This pic was taken in 1903.
Juha copy1

This is the last pic of Juha taken On March 16 1912, less then a month before Titanic

This Is Urho taken on Jan 13 1912, it is the last pic we have of him, at aged 2.
Wonderful photos, Hildur. Thank you for sharing your family history. It's always fascinating to view a new "face".
Eino 1912

This is the last pic we have of Eino it is written on the back that is was taken Mar 23 1912
I have the pic of Eino everyone wanted.
Juha copy2

This is a pic of Juha taken Sep 1 1907, for his third birhday.
I am looking through a box that has alot of old photos and i am putting the Panula family pics on so , i will try and find them as fast as i can so i can post them.