The Unknown Child

Thank you ever so much for the pictures, Hildur! You are so sweet to share them with us!
have found a few more pics mostly of Ernesti and Jaakko. I have found a few on Emma Iida, and Juha Eemeli, who was the first born, but died at a few months.
Wow, Maija really loved taking her children for photographing; I'm just like her. LOVE professional photos. Oh my gosh Hildur, Juha at age 2 or 3 is SOOOOOOOOOO adorable! All are beautiful children.
Sorry i was wrong alittle with Mrs. Panula's name, this is her full name that is on the family tree:Maija Emelia Abrahamintytar Ojala (Panula).
i found another pic of Eino's sister Emma Iida.It was taken for her ninth birthday, on Feb 24 1910. She drowned in Finland on Apr 8 1910, aged 9.
Blessed little child of God. What a sweet little girl she was! Emma looked so humble, quiet. I am so sorry for the entire Panula family-they will be back oneday for eternity!
Hey Hildur,

Sorry I'm bombarding you with questions-but I have just one more. Was Sanni Rhivoutari(not sure of spelling), (who travelled with the Panula family) going to be the family's servant or nurse? I think that's what it says in Maija's biography.
Thanks so much!
She was going to lived with them and help Maija with the smaller children, and then eventually marring and moving out.
Hildur, it has been great seeing these pictures!!!

Would you please contact me through my e-mail [email protected] since I have a question for you regarding using your pictures. (Har jag forstatt ratt att du kan svenska? Skriv garna pa svenska i sa fall, eftersom jag ar dalig pa finska.)