The Van Impe Family


Tammy Saphiloff

To begin with, I'm a huge fan of Dr. Jack & Rexella Van Impe's weekly program Jack Van Impe Ministries that can be seen on the TBN channel. Also because he's such an authority on the Bible, and Biblical Prophecies and all. Thanks to them, I now understand the Bible a lot more.

While serfing the internet on another site, I accidently come across the names of their Van Impe Family: Jean Baptiste, a Farmer; his wife, Rosalie Paula; & their daughter, Catharina, whom also lost their lives aboard Titanic. So I decided to look them up here on this site, so that I could learn more about them. Ironically, since Rexella & Jack's JVIM's P.O.B. number is in Troy, didn't surprise me too much, when I learned their family also was headed for Detroit. Also, Jack is always saying, whenever he gets the chance, that he's from Belgium.

I was wondering if you think that I (if they don't know already) should share with Rexella & Jack the information I found on their family, or would any of you folks like to contact them at their following website here:

So that you can learn about their above family, to add to the Contribute portion of their ET bios?

Laura Melinda Varjo

Hey Tammy, well, if you haven't yet, you should share the info with them, but they might not care a bit. Who knows.