The very best Titanic book

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In my opinion, Titanic, An Illustrated History is by far the best Titanic book written in the last twenty years. No other book has come near it for style and presentation and I doubt ever will.

Lynch's text is unbiased, informative and to the point while Marshall's wonderful paintings bring the Titanic and the disaster alive in the most vivid way.

I can't imagine a better book for anyone with a serious interest in this ship. Now, if Lynch and Marshall would only do the same for the Morro Castle, Lancastria, Princess Victoria...!

Steven Hall

I don't think the best 'ever' book has been written yet Anthony.
Everyone has an opinion what makes a ‘good’ book.
A good book I believe covers the technical — design etc, of the actual ship. Opinions on what people like are akin to comparing chalk to cheese.
When a book that is written by several acknowledged researchers in their individual fields of Titanic — then perhaps this ‘best ever book’ will be eventually published.
You have to understand that 20, or 30 years from now — the interest in Titanic will still be there. By then, ‘however’ there will be a whole new group of acknowledged researchers. It’s what’s produced today ~ and left for these coming historians that will be the eventual judgment on what was the best published book. It’s the book they will consistently reach for that will be the ultimate reference. In that, will be the ‘best book’.
Long after I have gone the way of the Dodo — there will be another person taking the baton and running with it.
Yes, ‘Titanic, An Illustrated History’ is indeed a superb work.
I suppose what I mean is that for a general introductory guide to the Titanic disaster it can't, for my money, be beaten.

From all the Titanic literature I've read over the years by the best for general interest in rank order would be as follows:

A Night to Remember
Titanic, An Illustrated History
Women and Children First
Titanic Voices
The Night Lives On

No collection would be complete without them!
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