The voyager of the seas let me on the prow

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Two years ago, when I was on a cruise, i decided to mock Jack and Rose. I went on the prow of the Voyager of the Seas. I did not get caught. I'm saying this, because I'm sick of everyone saying that wouldn't of happened. So here it is. Sorry, just thought I'd get that out.

Ellen Grace Butland

And she didn't heave you off in disgust? I thought even the mention of Titanic was supposed to be bad vibes.
The operative words are "Didn't get caught."

Let's not forget that 1912 was a day and age where there was a somewhat greater respect for authority, so if a sign was there saying "No Passengers Beyond This Point" it tended to be obeyed.

This is not to say that these people were saints, but if they were going to break the rules, they would tend to be prudent enough to do so where it wouldn't be seen by anybody who cared.
>>Was there even a sign on Titanic?<<

Yes. I saw it in a photo published in "Titanic, The Ship Magnificent." It's not all that incredibly easy to read, but it's there.
Hi All,

While one could not quite run up to the "Jack and Rose" spot, this was just a normal third class area on the Mauretania.

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