The White Star Orchestra Recording

Rhino Music produced a recording of Titanic's
'Music As Heard on the Fateful Voyage'- 'The White Star Orchestra'.

Ian Whitcomb conducts 23 song selections. CD booklet has biographical information on the musicians and original artwork of that era.

Anyone else have a CD recording of Titanic music or music from that era that they want to share?
The other notable recording is And The Band Played On. It's played by I Salonisti, which was the band that played in Cameron's flick. It's Decca #458382-2.

In my opinion, the playing is more elegant than on the Rhino record. The good thing is that very few pieces are duplicated, so it's good to have both discs.
Thanks, Dave, I will have to check that one out. The Rhino music disc is 'elegant' enough for me. Though maybe not "1st Class" it reflects the popular musical style of the time.

My favorites are the chilling "Convergence of the Twain" and the heart renching "Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix"

Besides, I would consider myself somewhere between 2nd and 3rd class anyways!