The Wick couple and the Meyer couple

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EG Lefebvre

Hello, I seek the number of cabin of Mr. George Dennick Wick, and his wife, Mrs Mary Wick (born Hitchcock), this capacity you it that their cabin is with the deck C, near to their daughter, Mary Nathalie (which occupied C-7). The cost of their room is of £164 17s 4d, therefore, they must have a very luxeuse and roomy cabin!

The second couple thus I am interested is the couple Meyer, Edgar Joseph, and Leila Meyer (born Saks), I often heard that this couple could have had the cabin C-79 or C-81, but why C-79 and C-81? Y would have to you it of other hypotéses for the Meyer couple.

Thank you in advance
Jul 20, 2000
Hi EG,

The advertised rate for C-7 for two passengers was 42 pounds per passenger, so it is possible that Col & Mrs Wick had a similar room.

The fare which you quote - £164 17s 4d, was for 4 members of the Wick party. - Col & Mrs Wick, their daughter and their niece Miss Caroline Bonnell. Miss Bonnell's aunt sailed on her own ticket.

I hope that helps,
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