The Wideners An American Family


I want to alert the membership to the new ET Research paper, "The Wideners: An American Family" and recommend that you read this great article.

Congratulations to David Whitmire for his thorough and engaging study. I know this biography has been a labor of love for him and I'm very proud of him for sticking to what I know was a big job.

This piece will entertain all those interested in the passengers and their lineage. It is well-written and well presented and is really a very fine achievement for a young, first-time writer. He shows the talent and dedication of a first-rate researcher and I look forward to what his next project may be.

David chronicles the entire family here and with some good sidelights such as the Wideners' connections to other Titanic families. And ET's Republican friends will find amusement in the Widener connection to George Bush, Sr.

Do take the time to explore the fascinating tale of this extraordinary American family and please give a hearty ET welcome to David Whitmire.

Best wishes,
I know Phil and I can't be the only ones who think David's story on the Wideners has merit and deserves a little praise. Maybe folks just missed this thread, so I'm posting again to keep it fresh. To read the PDF article go to the homepage for the link.

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I'd read it if my computer didn't have a habit of choking on the pdf format with little or no warning. I'll need to have a go at it when time isn't such an issue.
I knew Sheila Ryan in Newport in the late 1950's and attended he 21 birthday party at Bailey's Beach. i remember having dinnerin the smallerof thetwodiningrooms at Vauclause Farms. Tom Moses
I wish I had the opportunity to have been there. I hope everyone is well and always do the best you can. God Bless.
The date of this biography is not listed but it must be of some years ago. My namesake cousin, Peter Widener Wetherill, passed away in 2010. One of his horses had just won the gold medal in the 2008 Olympics and was in the news. Many of my school mates had thought that it was me that had died! I never met him even though we lived close in Florida. I am not directly related to the Wideners and the Widners that went down with the Titanic, but I am related to a Titanic survivor by marriage, Emma Eliza Ward (Mrs. Bucknell). William Bucknell is my G.G,G. Grandfather by his first marriage, and I am also related to Eliza by my fathers step father Giles Price Wetherill who is Eliza's grandson. My father Frank Doster Wetherill's father and step father were cousins and both related to her! Giles is a second cousin to Cortwright Wetherill.