The Worst Titanic Movie Scene EVER

sharon rutman

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Let's consider the worst scenes from Titanic movies of all times whether they be blockbusters or documentaries!

For me there's a virtual tie between the nauseating spitting scene from Titanic '97 and the repulsive "wormy on the hooky" ill fated fishing scene from Raise the Titanic. Both are worthy candidates in the Titanic film hall of shame.

Your turn!
>>Your turn!<<

That "Wormy on the hooky" line is a bit hard to top, but that idiotic and pointless rape scene in the 1996 flick with Catherine Zeta-Jones would be a most ignoble contender.
WoW! You two have just covered all the worst scenes that I could think of. I'm just glad that the movie "Raise the Titanic" didn't have the scene depicted in the book where, if I recall correctly, Dirk Pitt and Dana do the nasty in one of the rotting promenade suites.
>>if I recall correctly, Dirk Pitt and Dana do the nasty in one of the rotting promenade suites.<<

Anybody that would have the fortitude and the libido to "Do The Deed" in a place that would have to stink to whatever high heaven you believe in is much tougher bird then I am.
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Something tells me I'm gonna have to read that book.
>>Do, but make sure you keep all the lights on.<<

That would make it easier to see the printing. FWIW, I don't think the book was that intense. The part where Dr. Seagram loses his mind and makes the corpse lose his head is more of a gross out then anything else.

sharon rutman

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I think Raise the Titanic the film and Raise the Titanic the book are being sort of confused. For sheer ditziness though, Anne Archer almost manages to top herself as her dubious performance continues throughout this overpriced flop. First she gives Dirk Pitt the brush off big time (I guess poor Dirk just failed to score. So much for his being a Titanic studmuffin). Then she blurts out to her scholarly scientist boyfriend that she was dumb for breaking up with that macho swashbuckler in the first place. Naturally, he stomps off in a self-righteous snit and she chases him down the stairs babbling "I'm sorry!!! I'm sorry!!!" She sounded like some teenage airhead instead of a modern career woman!
>>Michael--how about Jack and Rose doing the nasty in the backseat of the car!<<

I don't think that one is going to go down in history as one of cinima's golden moments. (Although I can see some chiropractors looking forward to the income!) Still, you'd have to go pretty low to beat out that stupid and piontless rape scene in the earlier flick.

sharon rutman

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No argument from me Michael--that was a truly over the top moment which had no redeeming value and managed to degrade the Titanic into some cheap soap opera.