The Zodiac suite could there have been an even uglier suite on board

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As hideous as the Zodiac Suite may have been- the thought occoured to me there may have been even uglier cabins on board.
Is this possible?
The Andrea Doria way have had a striking profile- but her hideous interior was typical 1950s- pure dreck.......


tarn Stephanos
Depends on what you call "dreck". It was post war modernism, and the style was supposed to reveal a futuristic vision of the world with WW2 fading into the dim distance. Many said the same of the art deco hardwood and panels of the "Queen's" and "Normandie", yet today they are treasures of a marriage between art and architecture.

You want ugly? Some of the newest cruise ships look like Camilla Parker Bowles, in my opinion.
LOL....camilla is not that ugly, is she?

To each thier own i suppose- Im more edwardian in my tastes- the only attarctive thing to come out of the 1950s were American cars- a 1957 Chevy Bel Air is a work of art....

I will admit, some of the new cruise ships are downright grotesque.........
I was shocked to discover that the Disney ships are some of the few to have classic ocean liner lines (even though they are cruise ships)
>but her hideous interior was typical 1950s- pure dreck.....

Depends upon by how one chooses to define dreck.

Certainly the moderne interiors of A.D. represent the furthest possible extent of that style, and in some cases seem like bad ideas (the Zodiac Toilet comes to mind) but, on the other hand, they DO represent the onset of the final decade of actual architectural sophistication, and progressive vison, afloat before ships went back to their pre-1927, pre-Ile de France, unsophisticated Carvival Cruises eclectic approach to interior design. So, Andrea Doria may not be to everyone's liking, but at least of her it can be said that she represented the final flower of liner architectural coherence. After 1965, it was all over.

sashka pozzetti

I just happened to look at this as I wanted to see how bad the Zodiac bathroom was. I think the clue is in the name. My general opinion was that it looks like a very fancy home for pensioners!!! It's the chairs!!!
Thanks for posting those pictures Jim. What strikes me the most is how beautiful and stylish the easy chairs are in many of the public rooms. Mid century modern design at its finest.
"You want ugly? Some of the newest cruise ships look like Camilla Parker Bowles, in my opinion."

Wow, that is HARSH. (to the cruise ships)
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