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james carlson

Hi all,

My name is James Carlson, and I'm a reporter at the Cape Cod Times. I'm writing a story about a museum here on the Cape that has a car owned by Riddle. The curator told me this story that apparently everyone at the museum has heard, and I wanted to know the validity of it.

After Riddle was done traveling through Europe, she wanted to come back to the states. She got to the boat in England but they couldn't fit her car (the car in this Cape Cod museum's collection) on so she said she wouldn't go. It was the Titanic and of course she was spared or so the story goes.

I know she was later on the Lusitania, but is there any truth to this Titanic story? If not, does anyone know how it might have started? Thanks for any help.



Jeffrey M. Kern

I must confess that I haven't fully read this entire article, but there is a website dedicated to Miss Effie Pope, and you can visit it here:

You may want to contact the webmaster of this informative site; he may have an answer to your question. Just look under "acknowledgements" and click on "Nathaniel Smith."

I hope this will help you in your research.
Shelley Dziedzic

Shelley Dziedzic

I saw a new biography at Barnes and Noble called The Dearest of Geniuses by Sandra Katz, about the fascinating Theodate, based on her letters and diaries. The colonial revival house in Farmington, CT which she designed, called Hillstead is now an art gallery among other things, and worth a visit. She was Connecticut's sixth registered architect-and what a life she had.