Theodoor De Mulder

Arne Mjåland

Oct 21, 2001
I had a letter about him and his family in September 2000 from Omer Scheerlinck, Belgium. As his information about the Mulders conflicts a bit with what is on the ET biograghy about them, I bring some of what he wrote here:
"You had sent another letter to the same adress in 1999, but it was in the hands of Mrs Edmund De mulder. Edmund De Mulder died 4 years ago (It must be in 1996) and was a son of Theodor De Mulder, a survivor of the Titanic disaster.
In relation to the Encyclopedia Titanica the information should be changed as follows: Theodoor De Mulder had five children, four sons and one girl.Only the girl is for the moment alive (In 2000), namely Mary De Mulder living with her English husband in America Green Backville, Virginia. I met Mrs Edmund De Mulder Beeckman for more and better information about the manner of saving of De Mulder and the two other men (Sap and Scheerlinck) I cannot tell the right facts. Personally I think they were saved in a life boat in irregularily circumstances and that taken into account the exceptional conditions in which they were on the freightfully monent".
Anybody else who may have any comments about De Mulder family?
He also mentioned a Belgium Titanic book; "The Vlamingen op de Titanic" If I have spelt it right. Four years ago the book was for sale at Publisher Lanno. 8700 Tielt, Belgium.

david e . helms

Re: Theodoor De Mulder death notice

good titanic history.i have a picture & signature of milvena dean, one of few remaining survivors. does anyone out there know how i can get a copy of liland asplund's funeral bulletin. she died several months ago. thanks for any help
you can offer.

david helms


Re: Theodoor De Mulder

my name is Theodore Charles Dalton II son of Theodore Dalton I, son of Joseph Dalton I, Son of Theodore De Mulder.

For some time I searched for my historical blood line on the internet and this article is the best I've come accross. There is not much out there concerning the De Mulder lineage. Some things were confirmed and some other details were new, but I still desire to get in touch with more information concerning this blood line and get to know my family of time gone by.

Theodore C. Dalton II (DeMolder)

Re: Theodoor De Mulder
My name is Theodore C Dalton II; I can claim the original heritage surname De Mulder from Belgium decent. What a wonderful find for me as I've sought to know my heritage more in-depth. This article is about my great grandfather De Mulder which is derived the surname Miller as well. This research has furthered my understanding of the family line and I would love to get more information of the Cafe' Titanic as well as a historical record of the family members mentioned in this article. So, all you De Mulder descendants- craft, create, fashion, mold and mill greater depth!