Theory on Harper's Sun Yat-Sen


Trent Pheifer

Hey Everyone,

Ok guys, I have a theory here. I saw this name mentioned in a history book and it set the ball rolling. I did a little bit of research. I would think that Henry Sleeper Harpers dog Sun Yat-Sen was named after Dr Sun Yat-Sen of China. It all seems to fit together.

Here is some history of Dr Sun Yat-Sen. He was born in China in 1866, and educated in Honolulu. After his return to China he founded the Young China Party. He was a Chinese Revolutionary who wanted to overthrow the corrupt Chinese government. After many failed attempts, he succeeded in taking the city of Wuchang on October 11, 1911. Many of his revolutionary followers followed his lead and many large cities and providence soon were brought down. He then formed the Chinese Republic, and was inaugurated president on January 1, 1912. He is known as the "Father of the Republic of China". He resigned as president on April 1, 1912 and died in 1925 in Peking.

Pekingese dogs originated in China and were for many year held to be sacred animals there.

Does anyone know the age of Sun Yat-Sen: the dog at the time of the sinking? I know that before boarding the Titanic, Mr Harper and his wife toured Europe and ASIA. It may be possible that they got the Pekingese dog, Sun Yat-Sen, on their trip to Asia and named him after the then president, Dr Sun Yat-Sen. It all seemed to fit together. I know the name of a dog is not that important, but this just got my curiosity going. Just thought you all might be interested. Well those are just my thoughts....What do you guys think?