Theory: the Uptakes are the strongest part on the Wreck

Cam Houseman

Jul 14, 2020
Maryland, USA
Hi y'all!

Earlier, a friend told me his theory, so we talked it out and tweaked it a little

The uptakes are the strongest part on the Ship. When it fails, the ships's structure fails.

Example: the wreck
the Number two Funnel uptake is sagging. Since it began to sag, it's taking A-Deck down with it

Example two: the Stern

The Turbine Uptake/casing on the Stern, still is retaining its shape. Even after A, B, and C-Deck have now collapsed onto D-Deck.
Uptake in 1996
Turbine Engine Casing 1994.JPG

Turbine uptake in 2003
Turbine Engine Casing 2003.png

Turbine Casing in 2010

I think, that between the bulkheads and the Uptakes, those are the things keeping the Bow intact, and the Stern not a complete mess.
From " Ocean Liners of the Past; Olympic and Titanic"
it reads, "The arrangement of uptakes, by which the smoke and waste gases are conveyed to the funnels, is necessarily of a very elaborate nature, no less than twenty branches being required to one funnel in the case of boiler rooms 3 and 4. The branches from the adjoining boiler rooms are united immediately above the watertight bulkhead separating the rooms, the bulkhead thus forming a valuable support to the uptakes and funnel above."

The Uptakes run through all the decks, so they'd have to provide a lot of supports for the decks.
I'd be very open to revision of this theory, to make it a "proper" theory.


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