Third Class Corridors

Aug 15, 2005
Darwen, United Kingdom
Eaton & Haas are the only authors I've come across (as of yet) that actually describe the flooring in the corridors, but there are still a few shady areas.
They say that Scotland Road was floored in linoleum tiles.
Maybe so, but what colour were the tiles? I know they're red in Cameron's film, but that was hardly full of spot-on accuracies.

Also, they say that the cabins and the stairways in Third Class were floored with "Veitchi" - could someone please explain to me what Veitchi is?

Dec 7, 2000

It was recently discovered by Bruce Beveridge that Scotland Road was actually covered as a wooden deck! In fact if you've seen the documentary on Cameron's latest dive to Titanic, they have a small scene recreated, of people walking down scotland road and they used a wooden deck for flooring.

Not sure what Veitchi is, but I know all the floors were covered with Litosilo, which in 3rd class was largely left untiled, and thus was the floor in many of the cabins, passageways and dining rooms (which is the red flooring that you see). In all other classes, the floor was either tiled or carpeted.


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