Third Class Passengers and Deportation



One book I was reading said many of Titanic's immigrant passengers were deported because they had no means of support, despite the obvious reason that their money and/or chief wage-earner was lost in the sinking. Does anyone know anything about this?

Lou Kerr

Feb 6, 2010
Hi Annie,

I believe there is some truth to this, at least in the case of Eva Hart and her mother. I'm at the office and don't have access to my library but I think Eva describes their deportation in her autobiography.

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Lou Kerr

Vickie Caceres

Does anyone have any information on Alphonse De Pelsmaeker, third class passenger. I believe he may be a distant relative of mine and I would like to have any information listed to present at my family reunion this summer. Also I wonder if the spelling in this site of his last name is incorrect. My family spelling is DePelsMaeker. Thank you for any anticipated response.

Sarah Conder

Does anyone have or know where I can find information on Third Class passenger Bridget O'Sullivan? I believe she is a distant relative, and I am unable to find any information on her.

leticia medrano

does anyone have any information on sarah roth a third class passenger i have to do a report for school i need an itinerary among other things thanks

Phillip Gowan

Apr 10, 2001
Hi Leticia,
I hope this info helps a little:

Sarah Roth was born October 10--the year is in dispute but she claimed it was 1885. More likely she was a bit younger than that (interesting that most Titanic women lied to make themselves younger but Sarah seems to have wanted to be older.

She was born in London and married Daniel Iles and had one son, Albert, born December 9, 1914. She died July 4, 1947 in Milford, Connecticut of Chronic Nephritis and is buried with her husband in King's Highway Cemetery in Milford. Her son Albert just died on February 28, 1999 at the age of 84. Her husband Daniel was born August 6, 1887 and died in Milford on December 6, 1966.

The following is taken from the MILFORD CITIZEN newspaper, July 10, 1947:


Mrs. Sarah Iles, aged 58, wife of Daniel Iles of 20 Bertrose Avenue, Wildemere Beach, who was a survivor of the Titanic disaster of 1912, died Friday in the Hopewell Nursing Home, Woodmont, after an illness of two years.

Services took place Monday at 10:30 a.m. in the Smith Funeral Home, with Rev. Irving Thursby of the Church of Christ officiating. Burial was in King's Highway Cemetery.

A native of London, England, Mrs. Iles was a passenger aboard the Titanic when it struck an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage 35 years ago. She was enroute from Southampton to New York to be married to Mr. Iles, who had left England for the United States a year earlier. Mr. Iles located her in St. Vincent's Hospital, New York, after first reports listed her as a casualty of the ship disaster.

She had been a resident of Milford 20 years.

Mrs. Iles is survived in addition to her husband, by a son, Albert D. Iles, of Milford; two brothers, Harry Roth of New York City, and Samuel Roth, in Australia.

leticia medrano


thanks for all the info it helped out a lot

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