third class passengers

Jul 15, 2012
i am very upset still that the third class passengers were not hardlly on the life boats! Almost all of the ones saved were first class passangers! Not to mention alll the life boats could have held more people! And alot of the first class women in the life boats refused to go back and get surviors left in the water. Because, they were scared they would end up in the water. All the life boats were already lowered by the time the third class passengers got to the life saving boats. Those people, who paid money to be on the Titanic- did not stand even a chance of getting of that ship. Do you think they would have boarded the ship if they had known how "Third Class" their lives really were?

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Actually, the third class did better than you think. Numbers saved were 201 first class, 118 second class and 181 third class. Slightly more third class men than first class were saved. (60 to 58). Of course, on a percentage basis it was much worse but it's just not true that third class were hardly in the lifeboats.

Arun Vajpey

Jul 8, 1999
The men of Second Class had the worst survival record, Lawrence Beesley being one of the lucky few. Probably because he went to Murdoch's starboard side and boarded Lifeboat #13. I suspect most Second Class men tried to get into port side boats and were turned away by Lightoller.

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