Thomas Andrews and Dunallon

Feb 8, 2007
Hi All,
I'm fairly new and haven't posted much, but I think this group may be the best source of a question that's plaguing me. I'm writing a novel about Thomas Andrews, which is why I'm looking for answers to esoteric questions.

In his biography of Andrews, Shan Bullock on page 2, mentions that he is 'described in the family record as Thomas Andrews of Dunallon.'

Now, this is the name given to the house Thomas and Helen lived in.

So, the question: is the house called Dunallon because Thomas is 'of Dunallon' or is he 'of Dunallon' because that particular entry in the family record was made after his marriage and Dunallon is where he lived?

I guess another way of asking this is, was the house called Dunallon before he lived there? Is it still called Dunallon today?

Thanks to anyone who can attempt an answer!
Mar 26, 2007
Well, I think I may be able to help you out.

The house is still called Dunallan. Most likely the house was given that name after it was built - after Thomas's marriage like you said - and Thomas being the owner, that is how people referred to him...

Anyways, should you be interested in photographs of the house... you can find one on my LJ community, as well as some Google Earth shots. >>>

Hope that helps;

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