Thomas Andrews' Notebook from H&W


Jay Erskine

I noticed on the old board that there was a topic regarding H&W having this item for sale, but getting pulled.

I'm happy to say that I purchased a copy of this back in 99.

It's a 56 page photocopied, bound booklet, that includes a set of plans in plate format. It's very interesting as it discusses things like passenger capacities (which show scratched out figures and changes), various accommodation numbers by deck, location of loud speaker phones (Crows Nest, Engine Room, Aft docking bridge, Chief Engineer to Engine Room, and Engine Room to the 6 stokeholds).

It also has several hand drawn sketches of windows, engine components, etc.

One thing that's particularly poignant is the page listing the number of lifeboats desired/capacities. Total number was supposed to be 68, with a total capacity of 3,538.

Just a wonderful wealth of information.

It's a shame that it is no longer available.

Jake Peterson

Would you mind scanning some of the contents in for us to observe?