Thomas Andrews' Prime Minister brother

I just found out that Thomas Andrews' brother John was Prime Minister of Northern Ireland from 1940-43. I was at the Stormont Parliament building outside Belfast last week after Titanic week and the politician who showed me round mentioned that Thomas Andrews' family was also involved in Unionist politics. I wonder if there are any recording sayings by John Andrews about his brother. The don't seem to have much of a family resemblance but then again the photo of John is of him later in life at an age, tagically, his brother never reached. His photo appears on this page:

Inger Sheil

This intrigued me too, Stuart - I first heard about it from a student of Irish history, who found it interesting that the connection wasn't mentioned often in Titanic literature.

It fascinates me how the Andrews family fitted in with the Northern Irish political scene. Wasn't Erskine Childers one of the people who eulogised Thomas Andrews when he died?
I have been trying, without success, to find out if Thomas Andrews ever became a member of the Orange Order. If he did, the "lodge" to which he belonged may well hold photographs, archives or other information relating to his membership. I understand that the Orange Order is a potential source for family historians?