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Christina Hofstadler

I am looking for information of Thomas Andrews and Ms. Mary Sloan.

What happened to Mr. Andrews daughter, Elizabeth?
I got informations that she died in a car accident, but when?
When did his wife (Helen Andrews) marry again?

Christina H.
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Jason D. Tiller

Jason D. Tiller

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Hi Christina,

I moved this thread to here, where it's more appropriate.

For starters, I would recommend that you check out Thomas Andrews' biography, which is right here on this site:

Thomas Andrews

Next, I would suggest that you read the various threads in here, as their is a lot of good information in them.

Last but not least, you should try to get a hold of a book titled Thomas Andrews, Shipbuilder by Shan Bullock. It was first published in 1912, but it has been reprinted a few times since then. I haven't read the book personally myself, but it might be able to provide you with some good information. It sometimes pops up on ebay. Here is a link for a review of the book:

Thomas Andrews, Shipbuilder

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Shelley Dziedzic

Shelley Dziedzic

Today is the birthday of Thomas Andrews. The Belfast Titanic Society has posted Tommy's birth certificate along with a photo of his birthplace and many family photos on their excellent site. The photograph of young Thomas, the cricketeer is handsome indeed. Just click on Thomas Andrews (text) on the left side of the home page.
He is still most certainly beloved at home, which is lovely to see.

Philippe Delaunoy

Does anyone know who owns the letter Thomas Andrews wrote to his wife Helen when Titanic arrived in Cherbourg ? Does it exist any copy ?

‘We reached here in nice time and took on board quite a number of passengers. The two little tenders (‘Nomadic’ and ‘Traffic’) looked well, you remember we built them about a year ago. We expect to arrive in Queenstown about 10:30 am tomorrow. The weather is fine and everything shaping for a good voyage. I have a seat at the doctor’s (William O’Laughlin) Table.’

Best regads,


David Driscoll

My apologies if this has been discussed already, but I'm just curious about the notes that Andrews made during the maiden voyage. Although it seems very unlikely, does anyone know whether Andrews was able to pass these along to someone else when he realized the ship was doomed? It seems that if there were important bits of information and recommendations for the construction of future ships, he might have tried to get these off the ship somehow. On the other hand, given that Titanic was allowed to sail with insufficient lifeboats, passing along further recommendations to his employer may have been one of the furthest things from his mind that night.
Michael H. Standart

Michael H. Standart

As far as I know, no documents of any kind made it off the ship, not even the logs. Given the gravity of the situation...and Thomas Andrews was the first to know just how bad it was...I suspect he had more important things on his mind then sending off notes for which there would be little real use.