Thomas Andrews


John Farnell

From what I have read about Thomas Andrews and his involvement with the inspection of any complaints from the crew. Plus inspecting the damage and in forming Captain Smith and others about it. I can't figure out if he was a Passenger, Crew/Officer on Titanic. Can someone tell me what his row was on Titanic?

Thanks, John.

Adam McGuirk

John, Thomas Andrews was managing director of Harland and Wolf shipyards in Belfast, the company that built the Titanic. He went on the maiden voyage of the Olympic, and thus the Titanic was no different. He went to see if there was really anything wrong with the two vessels and if there should be any adjustmants made. One that he was going to do was make half of the Reading and Writing Room 2 cabins. Andrews got a free ride on Titanic, as did Bruce Ismay. Andrews knew Ships like no one else, which met he could make the amazing calculating that Titanic would sink in 2 hours. So, to answer your question Andrews was technically a passenger, but more like a crew member with his knowledge.

karen ann jones

Dear Mr. Andrews,you are loved and thought of on this day,Happy Birthday,love,Karen and Adam