Thomas Cardeza

Dec 9, 2005
Hello again , well i have a question maybe it is not too important , it is more personal, i am very curious, anyway,i found the full name of Mr Cradeza, and it was Thomas Drake Martinez Cardeza, how i am chilean, i know, that Martinez is a spanish surname, so my question is, somebody knows if he had spanish ancestors? i know that his father was James Warburton Drake Martinez Cardeza, but he was american or english by his another names i think, please any help will help me.
Another question involevd with him, is taht on the occupation list appears that Mr cardeza was a gentleman, he had a noble tittle or something? or just we can consider a gentleman as a tycoon or may be a playboy?

thanks a lot


Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Thomas' name combined those of both his parents - Charlotte Drake and James Warburton Martinez-Cardeza. His father certainly was an American of Spanish ancestry, and probably Warburton was the family name of his father's mother.

The term gentleman as an occupation simply meant that Thomas had no occupation because he had no need to work for a living.

Brian Ahern

Dec 19, 2002
Judith Gellar's "Women and Children" first offers the most info I can think of on Thomas's ancestry. His father, according to her and if I remember correctly, was the illegitimate son of a titled Spanish or Portuguese aristocrat.
I've often paused over the Warburton and do not know where it came from.
Apr 14, 2006
This is a message for Jonathan Bravo Osorio, Bob Godfrey and Brian Ahern in response to their postings of Febr. 2-3, 2006 regarding the name and ancestry of Thomas Drake Martinez-Cardeza.
Gentlemen: I can provide you with information about the name James Warburton Martinez-Cardeza, as he was a first cousin of my great-great grandmother, Elizabeth J. Martinez-Cardeza McDaniel.
James Warburton Martinez Cardeza was born in Philadelphia in 1855, the son of an English mother named Barbara Jane Elizabeth Warburton and a Spaniard from La Coruna, Galicia (north of Portugal), named Jaime (James) Martinez-Cardeza.
Jaime/James Martinez Cardeza was the son of Don Juan Martinez Cardeza, a Spanish Government official, and his wife dona Margarita. Don Juan was an hidalgo, or nobleman. This is why Charlotte Wardle Drake (Mrs. James Warburton Martinez Cardeza), mother of Thomas Drake Martinez Cardeza, felt she could call herself "Lady Cardeza" on the Titanic (dona=lady).
Incidently, I have a photograph of James Warburton Martinez Cardeza taken in 1926.

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