Thomas Francis McCaffry



Just walked past his grave today. I went there on purpose years ago, but today I was on my now-daily walk in the cemetery (I live across the street from it) and I was taking a new route. Although I wasn't purposely looking at the tombstones, something made me turn my head as I passed this one --= and my eye went straight to his tombstone. "Damn," I thought, "I've been here before!" but I frankly can give no reason as to why i was suddenly moved to turn my head and look directly at this tombstone . . . odd.

Nicky Knox

It's me again (the below is another alias). I have walked by Thomas's grave now hundreds of times and every time I do I think of him and pay my silent respects. I wonder what he would have done had he known this would be his destiny, or indeed, what he thought about as he drowned that night, freezing and alone. My respects, Thomas!