Thomas Herbert Weatherston

This may be of help: Census 1901 and 1911 show Thomas's father as Alexander and mother as Emily. On your bio I think you have put the details of his grandparents. My interest in this is because my family home was 1 Harley Street, Liverpool (L9 8DS) and this is the same address where Thomas and his family lived.
Thomas Weatherston was my mother's cousin. His parents were correctly named as Thomas Weatherston and Jessie (nee Jacks). His brother's were Donald and Leslie Victor O. I do not know where Leslie Parry fits in, but the Parry family were long time friends of the Jacks family.
Hi Heather, it seems I may have conflicting info. Strangely there was an Alexander Weatherston from Scotland who had a son Thomas AND a daughter Jessie. It looks like there is some familial link....maybe Alexander is the uncle of Thomas Herbert and not the father as I mistakenly mentioned. So coincidental to have two Weatherston men of same age from Scotland, working as clerks and settling in Liverpool and both having sons named Thomas.