Mike Herbold

Dec 13, 1999
There's an interesting item up for auction on eBay, # 446261973. This one looks like it could get very expensive. The description of the item itself provides a good addition to the information about crewman Tommy Knowles available on ET. As good as ET is becoming its amazing how much of the story of the Titanic is still out there.

Martin Pirrie

Jun 28, 2000
Isn't strange? One would have thought that all the articles to do with Titanic were now catalogued, researched and analysed. Then, something else turns up!

Martin Pirrie
Dec 13, 1999
Mike & Martin,

Indeed, it is strange how much unchartered Titanic material is still out there. My position, as Secretary for the British Titanic Society, often means that I am approached by people who have Titanic related items that they had not "until recently!" realised was of any interest, let alone value. I have been fortunate enough to obtain some of these items for my collection, and, of course, seen many more heading towards the auction houses in both Great Britain and the United States. There are still masses of letters, postcards etc. mailed from Queenstown to addresses here in Britain, which relatives are still keen to keep hold of, no matter what their value. It seems that every month, letters and photographs turn up in boxes which have not been opened for years. My last purchase was a swimming medal awarded to third class passenger Edward Lockyer - inscribed on the reverse "Lost in the Titanic Disaster April 1912".
Other people's cast offs etc.........!

George Behe

Dec 11, 1999
Hi, Geoff!

It's great to hear that many families intend to keep their letters and postcards no matter what their financial value might be to strangers.

I'm wondering, though, if the folks you mentioned have shared the texts of these previously-unknown documents with you? The original documents themselves are not nearly as important as the *information* they contain, and it would be nice to know that this information has been shared with you and that we might look forward to some articles about them in the BTS journal. (Hint, hint.) :)

All my best,


Barbara DeCrow Goldberg

The E-bay listing for the Tommy Knowles items has very good photographs of all the items, including a photograph of Tommy wearing his whistle rope. If you have a printer it is worth going to the site just to print out copies of the pictures, as well as the write-up, which as Mike mentioned, is quite extensive. The E-bay number, again, is 446261973.


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