Thomas Parker / Thomas Porteus


john pearcy

My grandmothers brother,Thomas Parker , was a butcher on board the Romanic and later the Oceanic,looking through this site on the third class victualling manifest for southampton a T.Parker,asst.butcher,last ship Oceanic is listed but it seems a thomas porteus signed on in his place,it also confirms this in t porteus's biography on the site.just wondering is there anyway to find out if the T Parker was my grandmother's brother and was he replaced by Porteus at the last minute?,hope someone can help,many thanks,
Hello John

My name is Pauline Perry (nee Helm). You probably won`t remember me but we have met twice, once at your Grandmother`s 90th birthday party and then sadly at her funeral in Hellifield.
Your Grandmother Jane Pearcy (nee Parker) was my Great Aunt. Her elder brother Thomas Parker was my Grandfather. His daughter Florence Evelyn Helm (nee Parker) is my Mother. She is now 97 and quite frail physically but mentally is very strong and has the most amazing memory!(She was 2 months old when Titanic set sail!) Mum would really appreciate it if we could arrange for you to come and talk to her as she has a wealth of family information. Please will you contact me at

[email protected]

I am indebted to my cousin Rosemary Holland (nee Parker) the eldest daughter of my mother`s late brother Thomas Parker. Rosemary is also hoping to contact you and told me about this website when she visited my mother yesterday. We were discussing our Grandfather Thomas Parker`s name being on the crew list of Titanic. He didn`t sail as he was in hospital. It must have been too late to remove his name and presumably T Porteus took his place. I am only guessing but wonder if they knew each other from previously serving together on the same ships.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Pauline